LMQ Hellium And Air Filled Balloons

LMQ Events offer Balloons in many different shapes and sizes with various colours to choose from. Our Balloon Service is very popular and demanding as it the most common form of decoration to be used at most if not all events and celebrations.

We supply both helium filled and air filled balloons which will be made of either Latex or Foil. Balloons can be ordered as singles or as an arrangement.

Single helium filled Balloons can look effective when used as ceiling Displays, also air filled balloons are fun and look great when distributed all around a children’s party.

Arranged balloon Designs are just as effective, they are perfect for Venue entrances and make impressive stage displays.

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Please Note: Helium filled latex balloons will float for approximately 8-12 hours minimum and up to 16-18 hours maximum. It is common for all helium filled balloons to deflate quicker or float longer depending on the temperature of the environment they are in.

Balloon display types:

  • Balloon Bouquets
  • Balloon Columns
  • Balloon arch (great for entrances, cake tables and head tables)
  • Centre pieces
  • Double bubble (1 or many balloons inside another balloon)
  • Balloon drops
  • A name or wording in large foil balloon letters
  • Cloud 9
  • Topiary balloons
  • 4ft and 6ft children’s character

Please Contact us to purchase any Balloons and let us know if you have a specific request.

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Current Balloon Packages Below

LMQ Balloon Pack 1


  • Bouquet Of 3 Latex Balloons x 10 (including weights)
  • Can be used for centerpiece or floor standing designs

LMQ Balloon Pack 2


  • Bouquet Of 5 Latex Balloons x 8 (including weights)
  • Can be used for Table centerpiece or floor standing designs
  • Balloon Table Arch x 1 (Max 20 balloons)

LMQ Balloon Pack 3


  • Bouquet Of 5 Latex Balloons x 4 (floor standing designs)
  • Bouquet Of 3 Latex Balloons x 8 (Table centerpiece) (including weights)
  • Centre large Balloon Table Arch x 1

Decoration Packages listed Above are subject to availability. LMQ Events reserves the right to remove any advertised packages at anytime.