Baby Showers


LMQ Events Is proud to present our BRAND NEW BABY SHOWER SERVICE

There is nothing more exciting than the anticipation of meeting and welcoming a new born into the family. Our New Baby Shower Service has been designed to help show gratitude, love and support to the expectant parents.

This is the perfect service if you are an expecting parent and would like a baby shower or would like to plan a baby shower for a close friend or family member who is expecting.

Whether you would like your shower to be large and extravagant or small and intimate, get in touch with us and utilise this service.

We can assist you with all or part of this special occasion.

Our introductory Baby shower Package includes:

  • For all guest plus mum to be
  • Party games
  • Party food
  • Baby shower music on disc for mum to keep
  • Favours/momentums for guest to take home
  • Goodie Bag for mum to be

Like many of our LMQ Event services we are able to assist you with the planning, Decor, Food and entertainment. We understand that some people may find it nerve racking trying to host and entertain guest. Fear no more as this service offers you the choice to have your very own baby shower host.

So all you would need to do is turn up, take part and enjoy. Our baby shower host is trained to entertain your guest and make sure your party games are fun, significant to the occasion and memorable.

But most of all our baby shower host will make sure the expectant mother feels loved and appreciated.

Check out our decorations packages!

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