About Us

LMQ Events is built up with a dedicated team of Innovative Designers

The concept of being a fresh and creative Events company stems right back to 2004. Where it was merely just a vision. Since then the team have worked extensively to make this concept a true reality.

LMQ Events continuously work hard to make all their customers happy by paying attention to every finer detail. When customers are left smiling at the end of each event this means the mission has been accomplished.

Our Mission

The mission was to be an innovative Events company that had the nature to take a vision of celebration from any individual and transform it into a real life event with every detail included.

The success of this thus far is Amazing, with continuous, overwhelming and positive feedback, LMQ Events services are constantly in demand

Our Services

LMQ Events understands that each individual has different circumstances, different visions and different budgets.

Whether you need full event planning or just event decorations; LMQ Events has a wide range of Services, letting you get the best your money can buy every time.

Do make sure you get in contact if you have a vision for an upcoming event you would like some assistance with.

Customer Comments & Feedback